Office Philosophy

Why Choose Us?

At Banyan Dental, we have created an outstanding team that has years of experience working with and looking after people and their oral health.

We offer treatment options, emergency and scheduled visits, for all conditions that are designed to look after the unique conditions that each person may have from fillings, gum treatment, root canals, extractions , straightening teeth, and same day crowns to name a few.

Our commitment to your oral health needs starts with creating a safe, kind, comfortable, and clean environment.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity and trust to look after generations of patients who have found a home at Banyan Dental

We are committed to your visit. Great results come from great patients who are also committed to their oral health. We welcome you to the Banyan Dental family.

Dr. Verma’s Philosophy

While going to my dental appointments as a teen, I realized that preventive care and sustaining regular care leads to fewer problems in the future. Every person is capable of preventing many oral health issues, through good practice and good habits. We at Banyan Dental, pride ourselves in educating and assisting you with any and all of your oral healthcare needs.

If however, there are concerns that cannot be prevented, we will help minimize their impact on your oral health.

Often what may appear as healthy at a younger age can end up causing unintended health concerns later in life. It is important to help you recognize what is important and what you can do to correct or minimize any oral health concerns.

Your overall health has been shown to be connected to your oral health. For instance, gum disease and associated inflammation has been shown to have a contributory cause to certain health conditions.

Maintaining or creating a healthy mouth can improve your overall health.

Just as losing weight improves your overall health and does not simply make your clothes look good; creating a healthy, beautiful smile improves your overall oral health.

Simply put, keeping your teeth is a good thing.

As humans, we are constantly changing and our goal is to recognize the oral health needs that are specific to you, so you can meet these changes and stay problem free as you age.

Any successful relationship requires the cooperation from both partners. We at Banyan dental are committed to providing our best and we hope our patients will partner with our dental family to improve your oral health and give you a beautiful smile.

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