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Couldn't be More Pleased

“Consummate professional: detailed, precise explanations; consistently good results; conscientious follow-up; courteous, personable staff. We couldn't be more pleased.”

– David W. Wiens, Associate Dean, School of Business, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

An Impeccable Dental Technique

“Dr. Verma has been my dentist since he started his practice in Langley. His dental technique is impeccable. I can barely feel the needle when he freezes me. I find Dr. Verma is professional yet personable. I do think he is a very good dentist which is why I refer my patients to him.”

– Don McDonald, MD

I happily recommend Dr. Verma.

“Dr. Anil Verma has been my dentist since he came to Banyan Dental. He has always provided me with excellent dental care. I particularly appreciate how he outlines different treatment options and explains the procedures he uses. He is careful and considerate in his work, and I happily recommend him to anyone seeking high quality dental services.”

– Dr. Peter Jolliffe, Langley, BC

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Verma.

“My experience at Banyan Dental was wonderful right from the warm reception at the front desk to the final outcome. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Verma. He was personable, patient in answering all of my questions, very professional, and best of all, he made my teeth look as good as they possibly could and without hurting me. What more could anyone ask for?” – Stann H.

Dr. Verma Pays a Tremendousness Attention to Detail

“Dr. Verma has a tremendousness attention to detail. My dental work was extensive and Dr. Verma did a fantastic job at every stage of process. I liked the fact that Dr. Verma was not only concerned with my dental health but he was focused on making sure I was well informed before each procedure and that I was comfortable and pain free during each visit. Dr. Verma has done an outstanding job in meeting my dental needs over the last several years. He is first and foremost concerned about me as a patient and has always worked with me to find the best solution in meeting my dental needs. He is caring and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to my friends and family.” – Kelly Z.

Dr. Verma is an artist!

“I was raised by a dentist surgeon in Ontario and when I moved out to beautiful B.C. I tried about five different dentists for my oral hygiene. I was totally dissatisfied with the minor work I had done such as fillings, cleanings etc. I needed major work when I reached 50 years old and searched long and hard for the caliber of dentistry I was used to from my own father. Upon finding Dr. Verma through minor oral care needs, I instantly recognized his dedication to perfection and personal interest in his patients. I chose Dr. Verma to do the extensive work I needed as a result and have absolutely no regrets. If you require extensive dental work, you need not look any further. Dr. Verma is not only a high caliber dentist, he's an artist.” – S. H. Smith, Langley, B.C.

In Searching for a Good Family Dentist

“In searching for a good family dentist, Banyan Dental came highly recommended. Every time I walk into the clinic, I am reminded why. The first thing that I've always enjoyed is the warm reception; you're not a number here you're a patient and valued one at that. All of the staff treats you like that and each staff member makes you feel at ease, almost as if you're at home. Dr. Verma is not only a very good dentist, he has a warm and relaxing way that puts everyone at ease and puts the quality of care of his patients above all else. His attention to detail in the treatment of his patients is what sets his practice apart and provides a superior quality of service in the process. It can't be done right...it has to be done ‘exactly’ right...like an artist at work. Dr. Verma is constantly looking to improve how he does his job with every member of my family. Whether it is our three boys, my husband, or I, everyone enjoys their visits with Dr. Verma. I would not, and have not, hesitated to refer friends/family to Dr. Verma because we have such a positive ongoing relationship with him.” – Lise O.

Professional and Knowledgeable

“I have been a patient of Dr. Verma's for about nine years now and find him very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to dentistry. He always answers my inquisitive questions and makes me feel very comfortable. My first visit with him was for a very painful wisdom tooth. My regular dentist was in Surrey and about to retire, so my wife put me on to Dr. Verma. The wisdom tooth extraction was my 'first one' and didn't know what to expect, but he did a fine job and was as gentle as possible, sent me off with a few painkillers and a puffy mouth. But what really impressed me was that the next day my wife and I were out shopping and her cell phone rang, and low and behold it was Dr. Verma checking up on me. I said I was fine, considering, and thanked him for the call. I have been a very satisfied patient ever since, and his new office downtown Langley is very 'uptown' and modern, with the latest and greatest equipment. Must mention Dr. Verma’s staff. They are very friendly and helpful.” – Gord

A Way with Children

“My son has never been an easy patient, be it doctors or dentist. Multiple professionals have ended appointments prematurely due to a lack of cooperation or full-blown screaming. I had braced myself for the worst when my son came in for his first appointment with Dr. Verma. However, I became pleasantly surprised, with the patience and compassion exhibited by Dr. Verma. My son’s feelings of fear and anxiety were replaced by trust, something that he has experienced great difficulty with from a very young age. Our entire experience with everyone at Banyan Dental has been nothing less than extraordinary!” – Angela M., Managerial Consultant

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